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End of Summer 2009

Fall in the Pacific Northwest really is incredible. Today was one of those crystalline-perfect autumn days, when the air is just cool enough for a jacket, but the sun is bright and slanting golden, and the sky a brilliant watercolor wash of blue. Definitely a fine day for a walk, since anyone who has lived […]

Requiescat In Pace

Mary Travers has died. My mom had all their records, stuck in the very back of the big console record player, with her previous name written with indelible marker, using careful and pretty cursive, on the album covers. I asked about those albums, once. The resulting conversation was one of those odd and slightly disconcerting […]

Health Care

There was a Bellingham rally for the single-payer option, today, and as the chanting throng of people wended their way under my window, I could hear the occasional heckler shout from a passing car. The cat sat in the window and growled at the commotion. And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the […]