Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Errr...Well, that was easy.

This will be a bit of an experiment. I've never kept a journal regularly. I find I've got too much time on my hands, these days.

The blogging phenomenon seems to me to grow from a deep-seated rejection of the growing isolation and alienation people feel as real-life communities disperse and become drastically less stable.

At least, that's why I read blogs.

It's only slightly different than sitting next to a stranger for a bit, and exchanging a few pleasantries. You know what I mean. . .That annoying woman in the seat next to you on the plane? That's me.

Here I am writing for strangers. it's a tad easier because I have a hard time envisioning anyone actually sitting and reading whatever I care to ramble on about. If you were trapped next to me on an airplane, it would be different of course. But then, I would be more guarded in what I chose to say, as well.

And reading the words of others. People I do not know, and will likely never meet. How very odd.

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