Tuesday, July 20, 2004

a piano bar...

Anyone know of a really lovely little piano bar?  You know the kind of place.  The sort of little side-street neighborhood place with a piano in the corner, like in a '40s movie.

I'm having a sort of film-noir evening.  I'd love to find some empty little place with good scotch and no one around.  The sort of place you can sit and play the piano and entertain yourself and muse about anything and everything.  Perhaps think about someone in particular, for a while.  Or perhaps just play and think about the keys, the music, old tunes you've long since forgotten.  Stop now and then for a drag off the cigarette you left burning in the ashtray next to you.

Then when the hour is very late, and respectable citizens are long since home in bed, you depart into the night and follow the rain-bright streets wherever your whimsy takes you.  You walk in the cool night air, hands deep in your pockets, until the horizon begins to go gray in the east.

Then you wend your way home to your own bed, to sleep too late and wake up and make fresh coffee and look out your window into a cloudy afternoon.


Teresa said...

I feel that way often. Would rather not play the piano, but sit in the corner and listen, lost in my own thoughts only to leave in the middle of a song that was being played, just before I grew content and comfortable to walk alone on the dark streets with the moon shining through the misting rain.

Mac said...

I wonder if it's an affliction peculiar to the introspective?

Although, I actually quite like the feeling. Sort of a pleasant melancholy.

Thanks for posting.