Friday, October 29, 2004

Go VOTE for chrissake...

Ugh--I'm woefully behind here. Moving, finishing up my job, gallivanting around the country, recovering from some sort of virus that felt like a dead-ringer for ebola only not as fatal. This might not be pretty prose.

I may never actually unpack all those boxes. I'm okay with that, I'm thinking.

I forgot to request an absentee ballot, so must drive across the state Tuesday to do my civic duty. And I will.

Picked up two kids hitchhiking last night on my way back to Seattle. They'd somehow managed to put their engine block most of the way through the radiator of their old pick-up. (I know, picking up hitchhikers is risky behavior. But only if you pick up homicidal maniac rapists. These were just a couple of kids who'd gone looking for early snow on Mt Ranier to play in, and had some crappy luck.)

I got treated to the 19-year-old not really very well informed version of "why we should vote for John Kerry"--which included extensive misquoting of Faranheit 9/11. And a relieved observation that this year's election should be much safer with the international impartial administrators coming in to monitor the results (I know. It had me scratching MY head in complete bafflement, too.)

But you know what? These were two kids who had never voted. Had never really cared about voting. And they were excited. They felt empowered. They were clearly enthused and inspired. Regardless of who wins, John Kerry or the antichrist, this election has done something important for our culture.

I hope it lasts.

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