Sunday, March 06, 2005


Tonight, I would like to be some incredibly interesting and complicated character in a noir film...or perhaps a little indie foreign picture. Someone with chiselled and compelling features, smoking at a little table in a tiny bar, someplace exotic and dangerous.

I would smoke, french-inhaling and letting the smoke curl from my lips into wisps over the table. If I could figure out a way to do so without looking ridiculous, I would blow smoke-rings.

I would drink something terribly potent and tasty and romantic. When the time came, I would slip my trenchcoat around my shoulders and step out onto the street, into the night and the fog, to keep my prearranged assignation--despite the danger and uncertainty.

I wonder who I need to talk to to arrange my very own, extremely cool soundtrack.

I'm allergic to the alder trees blooming their little hearts out, here. The antihistamines are obviously making me a bit strange.


Presley Bennett said...

so what's stopping you?

Mac said...

heh--mostly that I'll wake up tomorrow or the next day, yearning to be my boring old self again: puttering in the yard, playing with the horses, walking the dog, and so on.

It's always nice to get comments. Thanks for dropping by.