Friday, May 27, 2005

Poor crippled and ugly little WIP

Heh. I wanted you to be so perfect. Instead, you're a twisted and misshapen little thing. Gimping along, dragging your damaged and malformed little self along as best you can. Oddly, you're all dressed up in your Sunday-best words, which only emphasizes your inadequate and slow moving story.

Dunno if I should try to fix you, or send you to the shredder to spare any innocent bystanders from accidentally reading you.


Julia said...

Poor WIP. I'm so sorry about that. It's never easy whena WIP turns out like that.

Meanwhile, I have to ask: Are you grinning like a total loon because I'm leaving you a comment? ;o)

~Julia from AW (aka: TemlynWriting)

Mac said...

of course I am. :)

Eh. That's what rewrites are for. At least I've outgrown "golden word" syndrome, and can languish in "everything I write is crap" doldrums, instead.

That's progress, right?

DD said...

What's a WIP? DD

Mac said...

It's short for "work-in-progress"--and in my case, it means my first novel.
The book is...a bit uneven, at this point. To be charitable.

Julia said...

"Eh. That's what rewrites are for."

True, true. You're absolutely right. I wasn't sure if you were giving up on it completely, or if it was somewhat salvageable. ;o)

"At least I've outgrown "golden word" syndrome, and can languish in "everything I write is crap" doldrums, instead."

I was *just* talking with my mom about this the other day! I used to write a lot of poetry in high school, and I thought there was a point when it was "finished," and mayb almost perfect. When I started taking writing classes in college I learned about re-writing, and how poems and stories I had written years before could indeed be improved upon. I ended up rewriting a particular poem that was near to my heart, and was amazed at how it turned out after being left alone for about 4 or 5 years, and then rewritten. Wow! So, now I tend to be overly critical with everything I write. Go figure.

"That's progress, right?"

It sure is! *grin*

Ray Wong said...

Just finish it! Then you can torture it all you want.

Have no mercy!