Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina's Aftermath

The worst weather is over, from this storm. For the next several weeks or even months, people will be digging out, rebuilding, putting in new plate glass, and so on.

There's going to be some loss of life. How much remains to be seen.

You might offer a silent thought, positive energy, or even a prayer to the higher-power of your choice, for the people in the path of this storm.

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Dawno said...

Donating blood is also a good thing to do; so's donating $$ to Red Cross. My company is sending volunteers and paying their salaries, transpo and lodging for the effort. A matching fund drive is probably going to pop up on our intranet soon. I hear the Salvation Army is also doing a lot of work in the area -- they're religious but their main focus is to help people first.