Sunday, August 07, 2005

Why is it...?

Why is it that people choose not to believe you, when you tell them something straight-up and dead-honest? Even if it isn't something they want to hear, something that's difficult for you to say--but you manage to say it, anyway--wouldn't you think the natural and respectful thing would be to take you at your word?

Even worse is when someone tells me something, I behave as if what they told me was true; then they're utterly mystified, because OF COURSE they were prevaricating and I should have somehow known.

Look--I know I seem socially inept, and perhaps that is true.

However, I think it a damn sight more thoughtful and respectful to begin a conversation with the premise that all parties involved are being (mostly) truthful. Otherwise, what's the fucking point?


Dr. Richard Scott Nokes said...

Do you expect us to believe this post? It's obvious to me that you are lying.

Kira said...

Sadly, natural and respectful is not the way of our world. People like mirrors, but only if they're the one holding it up.

Mac said...

Heh--I recognize the usefulness of social lies, under certain circumstances. Sometimes I get this odd sensation that I'm actually speaking a different language, especially around emotional connections.

*shakes head*

I've just written a longish post on what prompted all this--and, as it turns out, I think I was misinterpreting an attempt to include me in straight-woman customs around child-rearing.

If I hadn't apparently just beamed down from Planet Idiot, I'd have picked up on all that a bit sooner, perhaps...