Sunday, September 04, 2005


Celine Dion - you've got to watch the video.
Anita Roach -"Roach stood out as a beacon of beauty and strength against a backdrop of death and despair."
"Roach never stopped singing, never stopped smiling, never stopped comforting a crowd of some of the last of Hurricane Katrina’s victims to receive even a shred of assistance. She sang from her belly with a voice that could be heard down the block, drowning out cries for help and the rumble of National Guard trucks. One by one, family, friends complete strangers joined her, clapping and singing as she led them as she had choir director at New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church in Bridge City..

"When this world
Is tossing me
Like a ship on the raging sea
Thou who rulest the winds and water
Stand by me, stand by me"

Bystander says song prevented possible rioting Song for broken souls Roach had arrived at the Convention Center to find a chaotic scene, where the only food or water or booze came from looters and people desperate to survive."

Marisol chef/owner Pete Vasquez -

"Chef Pete is still in New Orleans. Marisol is undamaged. Please help us to help others.

We can feed the hungry with your help.

Massive clean-up and rescue efforts are finally underway and all of those rescuers and remaining displaced New Orleanians are very hungry.

Chef Pete is co-ordinating with one of our specialty produce suppliers, who is now in exile in Texas. The two of them believe that they will be able to round up enough supplies to feed many people for many days & weeks, but only with your help."

(excerpted from an email sent to Chuck Taggart, posted on his blog Looka. You'll have to scroll down, I can't find the permalink.)

Jabbar Gibson - "Jabbar Gibson's first time behind the wheel of a school bus was spent transporting dozens of people from New Orleans to the Reliant Astrodome."

Ernest Washington - "While Thomas was figuring his family's fate that first night, little Ernest bolted to the rooftop.

He had fashioned a white flag on a piece of stick, and began waving. "That is one courageous boy," Thomas said.

A helicopter passed them by. A National Guard unit passed them by."

Derrick Trahan - "the world's maddest unofficial paramedic"
"The medic, Mr. Traham, said nine people have died in the centre named after Dutch Morial. They're kept in what everyone calls "the fridge." They were taken there, not by any authorities, not by police, but by the people who watched them die and wither away, and who now can hardly bear to remember that for a few days here, these strangers were family."

Lt General Russel Honore
- General Honore is quoted as saying,
"By-and-large, these are families that are just waiting to get out of here. They are frustrated; I would be, too. I get frustrated at the cash register counter when the paper runs out."

[From the CNN article linked]
Hundreds of National Guard and active duty troops are carrying weapons in the city. But the way they carried those guns was a concern to the general.

He ordered all he encountered to point their weapons down, said CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr, who was with the general. Honore repeatedly went up to military vehicles, National Guardsmen standing sentry and even to New Orleans police officers, telling them to please point their weapons down and reminding them that they were not in Iraq.

I'll add to this as I find stories. Feel free to point to the stories YOU'VE heard, too.


Dawno said...

Thank you for adding those stories. It is the accumulation of efforts like those that will save us as a people. Right now there's a lot of negative press (I'm not saying it is undeserved, either) and stories of real saints and heroes are needed.

Any news on whether or not you'll be housing any refugees? You're one of those saints, btw, that I'm talking about.

Dawno said...

ok, sorry to post again, but I came back and saw you had the Celine video linked. So I watched right up to the place where Larry asked if there was anything she'd sing...

I had to switch off, I'll go back, but I was dumbfounded at the idiocy of that question. Celine is crying out about the disaster, the hunger and thirst, the true human tragedy and he's asking her about what she's going to sing??

Anyone else wanna smack him? sheesh.

Mac said...

Dawno, I'm glad you posted again. I'm impressed by her passion about getting help to those people. I'm stunned and grateful that she promptly wrote a check for a million bucks.

But I was profoundly moved, and in tears, at the lullaby-prayer she pulls herself together and sings in response to Larry King's ridiculous request.

Dawno said...

Oh man, I don't think I could have kept it together through that. But now that I know I will make a point to watch the rest of it when I'm a bit more pulled together.

Francesca said...

This is the first time I have seen or heard of this video clip of Celine Dion on Larry King's programme. VERY moving and clearly sincere! What a gem!

As devastating as Katrina has been, it has also allowed us to see the good in so many, extended to so many. I hope this is something that people will build on. It is best that we do not wait for a crisis to prompt us to be so generous, kind, and caring toward each other. It should be a natural way of life.