Friday, September 02, 2005

Just a few disorganized thoughts.

The more I find out about just how very many people are affected by the hurricane disaster, the more I deeply believe that this moment in history will define us for a very long time to come--the same way the War Between the States defined generations of Americans, continuing all the way to the present.

This moment--more than 9/11 or Iraq, more than the Clinton impeachment, more than any thing that's happened since Vietnam--will determine more than we realize about what this country becomes in the future.

Now. What the fuck do we do about it?


Lori A. Basiewicz said...

First and foremost, we need to come together like we did after 9/11. The internal bickering and finger pointing does no one any good.

Dawno said...

I believe we need to do something to help, no matter how small it may seem but we also need to hold our government accountable.

As I was hearing about the evacuation and how many people were going to be stuck in the city I was wondering, what about all the school buses? What about Greyhound and Trailways and Amtrack, private coach companies - New Orleans gets a lot of tourists, surely there are tour buses?

They could have offered to help - the gov't could have offered to pay them to help if it came down to it.

It's easier to come together when there's a foreign enemy attacking you than when your own country has let you down during a natural disaster. That's what f****ng government is for, to protect, to aid, to do the stuff individuals can't do for themselves -- like build good levees.

Sorry, I got up on my soapbox there didn't I. It just has my knickers in a twist.

Mac said...

I am so furious I feel like the top of my head is about to blow off. Then the fucking "president" gets his airtime today, and uses it to make bullshit statements about how beautiful Trent Lott's NEW house on the gulf will be.

The more reports I see coming out of nola, the more I have this sick, sinking, ugly feeling that not only does this administration not care about the people stuck there--they actually would sort of prefer that the refugees had all just been carried out to sea, so they didn't leave such a big mess to clean up.

There's a special place in hell, I think....

I also couldn't help but see the refugee hospital emergency area set up at the airport--which was populated overwhelmingly with white faces.

Then the footage of black people, on foot, no provisions, on the interstate--walking, they don't really know where; "anywhere but here."

I'm sick and sad and furious. I personally hope people of this country rise up and pull the White House down around Dubbya's ears (metaphorically speaking) with bare hands, if necessary.

Meanwhile--there ARE things we can do.