Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Timeline of events Leading up to Katrina.
by Evan Derkacz -

Katrina Disaster timeline

Reports of the media being blocked - via Talk Left

Personal accounts from Inside the Astrodome - via BoingBoing

MSNBC Video - video editorial by Keith Olbermann

I'll say more about this link round up later, I'm sure. I had to take a step back for a couple of days. The grief and rage were on the verge of overwhelming me. Also, I had to do some work on the deck before the winter rain starts.

Because that's what we do, before the seasons change, right? We prepare. We reinforce. We replace that which is crumbling.


Ms M said...

Mac - I was wondering about that, if you were having a little breather. Sometimes being connected (via the Net) and following an event that touches you deeply can leave you feeling pretty raw and chewed up. I hope you're feeling better. Deck fixing up sounds like a great way to regenerate...

Dawno said...

Mac, thanks for the links, good ones all. and let me echo what Ms M said! I had to step back and try to regain some of my sense of humor just to counteract the anger -- thank goodness for some 'fun' threads over in AW since I don't have a deck and the landlord takes care of all the other stuff.

Anonymous said...

tried this before and it didn't work

Dawno said...

BTW, the Deamonte Love link requires registration, but a google on the name came up with some alternates.