Sunday, October 09, 2005

Just for JM

  • Come on out to Seattle any old time, Jean Marie. I know how you feel--there's nothing like horses.

    Anonymous said...

    Mac, they are gorgeous!!! Are they yours??? Thank you so much for putting up their photos-so sweet!!

    I used to exercise polo ponies when I was growing up in S. Cal at Wil Roger's State Park.

    Also spent a number of years taking photos of jumpers in CT & NY. A good friend of mine lives near 1,200 acres of open space where I hike lots w/ Kola Bear (5 min. from home) They've got horses, ponies and a donkey named Jeepers. When they acquired Jeepers, they were told they could have him at n/c IF they took him right away. They were driving a Jeep!!

    The closest I'll be to Seattle is San Diego over Christmas w/ my mom. And a few days thrown in w/ my brother and his family in Santa Boo Boo (Barbara that is)

    Who knows!

    Thanks again Mac!

    Dawno said...

    There's a fairly good chance I'll be in San Diego over Christmas too, Jean Marie, my daughter is moving there in November - maybe we can meet for a cup of coffee!

    Anonymous said...

    My mom lives in North San Diego County/Oceanside to be specific. That would be great!!

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, Mac, join us!!!! Yeah? Cool!

    Jill said...

    That's a fabulous picture. Thanks.