Thursday, October 20, 2005

Orphan books: a shameless promotional pitch for someone else's writing

Here's a post from the Zack Company blog that's pretty educational for the writers out there.

Sometimes it happens that a book gets sold to a publisher, but then the editor leaves. That editor is the person who sold everyone else in the house on publishing that book. He or she is the champion and voice of that book. So when the editor leaves before the book goes into print, it can be devastating.

The Dead of Winter apparently lost both its editor and its publisher, and pretty much everyone else who was originally involved with the decision to publish the book. (Except, apparently, its dedicated agent.)

"...More than half a century after the last shots of World War II were fired, a team of forensic scientists and relic hunters enlisted the aid of several veterans of the Bulge for one last mission: to return to the battle site and recover the lost remains of their brothers-in-arms, to ensure they would be buried with all the honors they deserve. Written by a member of the expedition, this is a story of loyalty and the bonds of war, a compelling scientific mystery, and a long-awaited homecoming for families who waited decades for the return of their loved ones." (from the Amazon editorial review.)

I love WWII history stuff.
It also looks like a damned good book.
Andy Zack has been a seriously stand-up guy in terms of helping writers for free whenever and wherever he can. He blogs, and he answers questions on the Ask The Agent forum on AW. He doesn't ask for much in return.

Mostly, though, good books deserve to be read.


TillyLost said...

It looks like a great book, it's such a shame it's in this position. I can think of a few people who'd like it as a Christmas present. So I can get some early shopping in (not last minute, go me!). They won't mind me reading it first <---sneaky.

So, if we get agents and a publishing deal there are still so many ways it can and will go wrong.
I did already know that, but I spend most of my time in deep deep denial so I don't do a manuscript bonfire.

Dawno said...

I hope all of Andy's clients are grateful to have him for an agent, he seems like a good guy.

I'm looking forward to getting my copy.

Joanne said...

My son-in-law loves anything about World War II. He has a collection of books and movies. Thanks, Mac. I now have an idea for him for Christmas.

Andy Zach is a stand-up guy in my book. What lucky authors to have him as an agent.