Sunday, November 20, 2005

Carnival of Feminists

The newest collection of excellent feminist blogging is out. Sour Duck hosts this round.

A really fascinating entry, over at Culture Cat, was this comparison of a 1973 deodorant ad with a 2005 ad. Fascinating and appalling.

Now, I will confess that I have a really stunning Varga-Girls-on-classic-cars Hawaiian shirt. A very cool designer friend of mine made it for me. I love that shirt.

I'm a chick, though, so it's okay, right?


Dawno said...

I hope someone posts about carnivals over in the AW blogging forum. I would like to learn more about it.

I remember a lot of commercial capitalizing of feminism going on during the 70's - the heyday of cigarrettes made just for women. Virginia Slims anyone? Voted for the ERA, too. *sigh*

I'm still pondering about the Varga Girls hawaiian shirt. There's an impossible to live up to concept of the female look - does art like that cause women to desire implants and botox? Are women being objectified as merely sex symbols that sell products? Worshipped as goddesses (that I could live with a little more of)? Should I just pull that stick out of my you know where and enjoy the fun shirt? I mean, it's a shirt. sheesh! I have to stop arguing both sides with myself soon or there's a white coat with extra large arms in my future.

As for you, Mac, what ever you do is ok with me :-)

Melinda Casino said...

Hi there,

I wouldn't have left a comment except for your promise to grin like a loon. ;)

Dawno - For a good explanation of what "carnivals" are, you can visit Science and Politics.

Thanks for the mention, Mac. It's nice to hear when people blog about the carnival what pieces they especially liked.

Re: the Vargas-Girls Hawaiian shirt. It's debatable either way, but you may find the following of interest:

Vargas' Blonde Sambos

Take care,


Mac said...

SD, how very nice to see you here. Yepper, and I really do grin like a loon, just so's you know it wasn't wasted effort.

As for the Varga girl article...*sigh*

More on that, forthcoming.

Dawno, I think Jill is doing some other blogger-carnival stuff, too.

DD said...

Ok, I guess I am not militant enough, todays ads don't bug me, I kind of like them. I do think they give women an impossible image to live up to, but so did the 70's 'check yes' ad. being that involved would kill a person. What I have noticed , and REALLY like is secret is no longer "Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman" now it is "Strong enough for a woman".

Ray said...

I want a Varga (or is it Viagra) girl T-shirt!


Mac said...

Ray, you're irrepressible!

Thank gawd. *grin*