Friday, January 13, 2006

More Rain

26 consecutive days of rain.

There's inches of standing water covering everyone's lawns.
Mine, too.

The sun has gone. This is reality. It has always rained. It is raining now. It will rain every day, forever.

I can't even smoke, anymore. I tried to smoke a cig, and it tasted terrible--sort of like if you burned dirt, mixed with roofing tar and old newspapers.

This sucks.

My laptop is still broken, too. The repair guys are lying to me...I can sense it. "Oh! We were just about to CALL you!"

My ass they were. They weren't going to call me. They didn't even know which laptop was mine. Although, next time, maybe I'll just pay the bill on the one they try to give me, and take my chances...

Did I mention it's our 26th consecutive rainy day?

I feel my mental processes decaying. I don't remember what the sun looks like.

I've been staring at the wall beyond the desktop monitor for a long time. I think the pattern is moving. Now and again, I look away, and look back quick--trying to catch it happening.

I can see the difference. Sometimes I can detect the motion, from the corner of my eye.

Then I look directly at it, and it stops, immediately.

What was the question, again?


Anonymous said...

Check out Ray Bradbury's The Long Rain inside The Illustrated Man--reading it might make you feel better. Or at least it might make you feel less bad because things could be much worse: that short story contains a rain to end all rains; it's one of my favorites.

Unknown said...

We're actually just the opposite here. No rain. Rain is that mythical thing that you hear about in other parts of the country but has never existed in Oklahoma. Wildfires are everywhere but thankfully have not yet directly been in the area I live. Communities very nearby, yes, but not here yet. It's only a matter of time, though.

Mac said...

Jen, I keep willing these clouds south and east--but they just won't GO.

Fran, I love Bradbury, I love short stories, GAWD knows I can't go do anything it must be a good day to go to the bookstore.


Anonymous said...

Awww, Mac!! You poor thing! It rained here for 11 days straight in November and I thought I was going to lose my mind! I cannot imagine...

But, eeuuu, burned dirt, tar paper-ick!! And I quit smoking 14 years ago.

when the wall starts moving, place both hands on your desktop and both feet on the floor. I dunno, it might help?

I'm afraid to look at the radar map-for pete sake's don't you!!

hang in there.

got a boat?

love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think Pittsburgh is a close cousin to Seattle. We had a solid week of rain--not one peek of sun a little while ago. But it did stop. Now it's warm. But the next two months are killer..def. spans of time with literally no sun. It actually makes the first sunny day feel bizarre, like I don't really want it. Sorry to ramble on your site. I really like it!

Anonymous said...

Well, you're up on us Portlanders by one extra day of rain. I think I might have seen the sun poke its ugly head through our cloud cover about one time Wednesday.

If it stops raining in the Portland area, I'll let you know. According to the weather people, we're getting the same system you are....before you get it.

Oh, well, it can't rain forever. Even the rain that caused Noah's Flood eventually quit.

I hope you get to feeling better soon, Mac.:)

Mac said...

Hiya, Kathie--and welcome.

I'm glad you're here and commenting. One of my favorite things about blogging is the occasional new voice showing up, and joining in the conversation.

You made an excellent point about school violence, in the other thread. I suspect this becomes ever more true as student-to-teacher ration becomes worse and worse.

I've a friend teaching in Florida, in what he calls a "not poor" school district; his smallest class is over 30 students, and he can't get textbooks.

He teaches English.

But we don't want to get me all wound up about public education--which I think is a noble and very worthwhile endeavor--because I'm deeply concerned that we're not doing nearly as well as we need to be doing.

Frank? How's the state of Canada's school system?

Lori A. Basiewicz said...
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Lori A. Basiewicz said...

I mean, I know you did. Of course you did. But... Please reassure me that you aren't using the disk to stop the walls from moving or to play frisbee with the cat or something like that. You know, one of those, it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time things. :)

Mac said...

My emailed back-up copy is safely stored on my yahoo account, Lori--no worries.

Unfortunately, I did just realize that it went off to the shop with my new Civilization IV disk still in the drive...

Lori A. Basiewicz said...

Maybe that's why it's taking so long to get fixed. ;)

*Lori imagines the repair techs playing Civilization on Mac's long-since fixed machine.*

Anonymous said...

Hi Mac, it's me again:)

I thought I'd comment and let you know that we're starting to get some slight sun-breaks down here. Since the clouds, last I heard, were moving northward from the Portland Area, I can imagine you all might be getting a few sunbreaks pretty soon up in Seattle.

I hope you have a wonderful week:)