Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday's Child*

In honor of Dawno, I'd like to talk a wee bit about Star Trek. My mother was a hard-core fan of the original show, and my baby sis and I watched the syndicated episodes after school every day (at least until my mother gave away the TV set, because my baby sis was refusing to learn to read--but that's another story, entirely.)

My most fervent wish was for a working communicator. I suspect I wasn't alone--in fact, I think we can safely blame our fetish for flip-phones on the fact that we grew up on Star Trek reruns. As for me, I love my Razr with no apologies. It's black and sleek, and has bluetooth that usually works.

I found out too late about THIS; though, Dawno probably has one.

For a mere $25,000, an honest-to-god piece of Captain Kirk has changed hands, too. (The proceeds went to charity--kudos to Bill Shatner.)

The coolest thing about Star Trek is the idealistic vision of an future society, constantly encountering quandaries while balancing its egalitarian principles with the realities of both small-scale villainy and large-scale tyranny--all without losing sight of those admirable goals of freedom and equality.

Every time we humans get something right, it gives me that same little surge of hope and optimism. So I was surprised and pleased to see the Vatican newsletter come out with a statement that ID is not science.

Oh, oh! And then there's the safe return of NASA's Stardust!

So we have quite a way to go, before achieving any egalitarian utopian vision. We do try, though. As long as we still try, there's hope, eh?

Happy Thursday, everyone.

* Monday's child is fair of face.
Tuesday's child is full of grace.
Wednesday's child is full of woe.
Thursday's child has far to go. . .

Not sure what this little ditty says about Yesterday's Son, though.


Anonymous said...

Not sure, but I think that's Dawno in the space suit on the right...

Mac said...

JM--I thought that the profile behind that helmet looked familiar, too.

Anonymous said...

I, on the other hand, want a working phaser. :)

Frank Baron said...

I liked the original show a lot but was really taken with Next Generation. Picard was a terrific captain and all the characters had nuance. I watched Voyager often and DS9 and the newest one once in a while.

Now I'm all...nostalgiac...(yeah, that's the ticket!)for Troi and Seven of Nine.

Dawno said...

If I were less exhausted and didn't have a very stressful day ahead I'd stay up and think of a great comment.

But I'm not and I do. I don't have the cool gizmo that Mac linked to, wish I did! I do have a plastic TOS communicator toy that's a working walkie talkie - working that is if you're about 8 feet away and there's nothing between you and the other guy. Might as well just talk loudly...but it's fun.

Because I read a wide variety of SF, I have also read about what seems like every conceivable future for humanity from total destruction to devolution to super-evolution to a 'higher plane of existance.' I think of all the futures I would wish for us it's one that comes very close to Gene's vision. Not quite Utopia, but something that seems possible.

Thank you Mac, this was a great 'nightcap' I'll fall asleep with a smile tonight.

Mac said...

Frank, I had a presidential campaign bumper-sticker that said Picard/Riker 2000. :) I'm a for Troi and Seven of Nine, myself.

Jen, a phaser would be very cool--but I'm a total clutz, and would undoubtedly shoot myself in the foot.

Dawno, sleep well.

Stacia said...

I think the coolest thing about the original Star Trek was those great microminis with the boots. I still want one of those.

I preferred DS9, personally. It was my favorite. But I have to admit, nothing on DS9 ever made me laugh the way the Gorn did.

Anonymous said...

Did you forget your 'little sis' reads this? That is NOT why mom gave away the TV. It was because YOU wanted to what cartoons, not go shopping with her on Saturday mornings.

Lori A. Basiewicz said...

Really? How interesting. Do tell us more about what Mac may have, er, exaggerated about. :)

P.S. Would you like my e-mail address? You can share stories with me directly.

Mac said...

Lies. This woman is obviously an imposter. And that's not how I remember it at all.

Hiya, Kiddo! Fancy running into you here. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Mac's unauthorized biography will be going on sale soon! *smirk*

Mac said...

Come up to the most recent post, Sis--you're an educator, and you have a child. You were raised in the same world I was raised in, and I imagine you feel just as suspended between the two realities, on some level.

I'd love to have your input on this situation.