Tuesday, January 10, 2006


My beloved laptop is still in the shop, which cuts quite egregiously into my blogging and recreational writing time. Which is just another way of saying I know I've been scarce, and thank you for your patience.

Meanwhile, we're having our 24th consecutive day with measurable precipitation. That's rather a lot, at one stretch. Even for Seattle.

What's up out there? What are you guys doing with your Januaries?


Anonymous said...

Phew, Mac! Kola Bear was all packed up and ready to start searching for ya! He even has the kind of flashlight you just have to shake to power up!

Hope your laptop feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad about the rain, Mac. We're getting pounded here in the Portland area, too....by the same system that's hitting Seattle, if I remember correctly.

Sorry to hear about your laptop. I hope it gets to feeling better, and I hope you have a good new year.

Me, I'm re-writing a manuscript I recently sent to a couple agencies. I tried to read it the other day and couldn't get past my own first paragraph. Ooh, brother, that just burns me up!

Anyway, it's good to hear from you, Mac. I wish you all the best.


Dawno said...

I'm spending January trying to get through it and end up in February.

I just couldn't live in Seattle - as much as I'd like to (had a headhunter try to talk me into an interview with one of your fair city's major employers, something that starts with an A... Job of a lifetime - just headed in the wrong direction from my daughter. That and the rain. I'm convinced part of my gloomy affect right now is due to the weather and lack of sunshine.

Let February be sunny!! And include a job offer or two in SoCal...

Kira said...

Hope you laptop comes homes soon--I've been missing your posts.

We've been two months without measureable rain...trade ya rain for wildfires.

Anonymous said...

Okay, see, there that's the problem. All of us live in the wrong place.
So, here's the deal: we move. It's that simple, really. Oh, it is too.
Dawno, remember I said I couldn't live w/ all those people so close together? Well, I've changed my mind. Yup, I'm tired of the ratitude back here. How's that for a new word. I'm also tired of the humidity in the summer.
And I want to spend some quality time w/ my mom. In short, I'm outta here within a year, at the most.
I've already told Kola Bear about it. He did look at me a bit sideways until I promised the squirrels are out year-round in S. Cal. His eyes lit up at that.

Less hiking trails though, lots of fire roads. Lots of fires, no rain. Which is a good thing, Mac and Sean.

Earthquakes, yes, but, you just keep less stuff on the shelves. I grew up w/ those anyway. I miss S. Cal., not my sister-in-law, she's in SB. Think about it, we could get a group home!! Okay, I'm going back to my query letter writing...

Frank Baron said...

What am I doing with my January?

Well, right now I am defiantly disobeying BlogMaven Dawno and refusing to de-lurk.

I am a buzzkill.

T. M. Hunter said...

Trying to smack Hunter around a bit so he'll hurry up and finish editing his new book...

This place is crazy around here. First, you have temps near 70, and then snow the next day, and a day later, temps near 60.

Mark Pettus said...

I feel like Aston, only we don't ever actually freeze. I've wore a sweater one time. It felt soft and fuzzy, and I only took it off in the afternoon.

I want some freakin' snow.

Andrea Allison said...

I would send the snow we got here to ya Mark but it didn't even stick. I hate that. I wait all winter for snow and when we finally get some, it doesn't even stick. And on top of all that, it didn't even help much with the grassfire issues. What a waste.

Anyways, I hope your laptop feels better soon and have a great new year.