Friday, March 10, 2006

Okay--quick question

Who has an ipod or an mp3 player--which one, why, and so on? I'm not all that interested in what the salespeople have to tell me, yet. I'll ask those questions after I've already figured out what it is I need.

So most of you know I've recently quit smoking. Along with that, I'm running again. Both farther and longer than ever before.

The harder I push and the farther I go, the more I'm thinking it would be nice to hear something besides my own ragged, tearing gasps for air and leaden footfalls, especially after the first couple of miles when the rhythm falls all apart.

(Remind me, by the way, to tell y'all about the weirdest emotional baggage that comes up, quitting a habit you've carried for nearly twenty years. Just, you know, if you're interested.)

Tell me about your favorite portable music device.


Mark Pettus said...

I have a Palm Zire31, and use it as my mp3 device. I also use it as my calendar, mileage log, phone book, e-book reader....

I put a piece of velcro on the back and can mount it to my camera bag, the dash of my jeeps, the crossmember of my bike, and to a leather holster in my briefcase.

I love it.

I quit smoking last January after 25 years. Good luck (and I'd love to hear about your emotional baggage).

Anonymous said...

I don't have either or any, Mac. But, then I hike, not allowed to run. I did quit smoking 14 yrs. ago. Keep it up (I'd love to hear about what comes up for ya!)

Dawno said...

The SO bought me an iPod Video for Christmas. I love it. I don't know a thing about why it might be better than other mp3 players - but the SO is very techie and he wouldn't change from iPod to another device...

Right now I use the iPod for audiobook listening. I have some music on it and will get more eventually - just haven't gotten around to it.

Get the in-ear headset - the other ones won't stand up to a good jog I hear.

Stacia said...

I like my ipod, but the little bud earphones leave MUCH to be desired-they won't stay in my delicate little ears, even when I'm just sitting outside having a cigarette. :-) (Hubby's do, but he's a big man.)

So I agree, the ipod is good but get real headphones for it.

Also, I'm not crazy about the iTunes music store, I think the selection is a little skimpy.

uniquematerial said...

I don't know what either one of those things are. But if you're out running, and you keep going further afield each time......

keep running til you get here.

Lisa Spangenberg said...

I have an iPod, the original first generation one from 2001.

Works fine. So does my husbands, though he also has a new Video iPod.

I love mine. I use it for music, audio books, teaching, and back up.

One of the advantages of the iPod is that it can be used for file storage.

The current ones do more nifty things with a Mac, but are still quiute lovely even with Windows.

Anonymous said...

No ipod. But I've got my eye on one of those cool 1" cubes from mobiblu.

I do use iTunes on my CPU and laptop, for when I "borrow" music from my "friends".

DD said...

Mac, don't you have any techno weenies that post. I thought I would read this and know what to buy. We all want to hear your baggage. (It makes us feel better about our own)

Anonymous said...

I find my iPod nano much more convenient and functional than the mobiblue cube (both were gifts, as phd students can't afford this sh*t). When I'm working out, I just tuck it down the front of my sports bra, and all is well.