Friday, April 21, 2006


You know how when you go to the beach and wade out into the surf, if you watch the water instead of keeping your head up to orient between sand and water and sky, the sea tries to coax you out deeper and deeper, and you don't even quite realize it until a bigger wave nearly lifts you off your feet, and you look up suddenly, remembering that you're supposed to be watching that--that the ocean will swallow you up--and you realize you're much further from dry land than you meant to go?

That's what spring is like, for me. I understand why adults, kids, and teens, Christians, pagans and neo pagans alike, all want to build bonfires and stay out in the newly-warming nights. Chasing around, playing tag as dark falls, watching the flames dance, breathing deeply of the rising tide of green.

I wish I knew the constellations better, to understand the seasonal differences in their positions.

So that's where I've been, just lately.

I've been listening to that siren call that would take me far out to sea.


Matt D. said...

I'm so jealous. It's been aboutfive years since I've set foot on a beach. If I won a Nigerian lottery I'd buy an island.

.:J.r.A.:. said...

spring makes me remember that there are possibilities. oppurtunities. a chance for something better.

i suppose you can only truly appreciate spring by enduring a cold, wet, winter though.

Jean Marie said...

I'm recalling that spring means rebirth, Mac. A fresh start, if you will.

Diving into the ocean is so invigorating, so inviting.

Playing in the parallel universe is a good thing :)

Dawno said...

It's struggling to be Spring down here - but the fruitless plum trees are blooming and there's another one that has a lovely white bloom. The neighbor has put out a number of new flowers in his front porch containers. The duckies are waddling around, too.

I have "Spring Cleaning" fever - my office may just look pretty damn office-y before long (instead of pseudo junkroom with a desk).

Don't float off too far!

Sean D. Schaffer said...

Spring sure is coming along quickly here, Mac. I'd almost forgotten what it looked like.

I hope you have fun this Spring.


Neasa said...

That Siren call's too much to resist sometimes. Can you still see the lighthouse?

Frank Baron said...

Ah, Spring! When the frost leaves the ground and the first warm rain brings the worms out, rubbing their sleepy little eyes, eager to fulfill their destiny as trout food.

It brings a tear, it does.

L said...

Sweet siren's call
slide under the surface
drift away, sinking ever deeper
worries washed away
cares drift off
deeper and deeper, never to return
let go of the now
sweet song of the siren
pulling me under.

Dawno said...

Frank can make anything about fish. It's a gift, really...