Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The AW Hostage Crisis has been Boing-Boinged.

Also, please let me direct your attention to Making Light's recent update, and link round-up. Our good friend Dawno is, as always, about two steps ahead of me, too. There's also the Random Acts of Kindness approach.

A friend of mine just emailed me to say, "Barbara Bauer and her nineteen friends must be puking a lot these last few days."

We can only hope. You can help, personally, by clicking the paypal button at the bottom of this post, or else spread the word. Feel free to email me if you need help with code for either of the buttons--there's a link to contact me directly, to the right and towards the top, on the sidebar.

Neasa from Stones' comments has taken up the cause, too. She's put the AW button on her blog and is helping spread the word to non-writers--thank you, Neasa! (She's got a cool and beautiful blog, too--go and look. You won't be sorry. And she's a bellydancer.)

Also, I'll be posting this on my regular domain for easy linkage, later--but don't miss this.
Jim Macdonald--Yog Sysop, for you regulars and Usenet veterans--has done an amazing and generous thing and assembled this list:

Books for Writers

Book sales from this page will help support Absolute Write and the Absolute Write Water Cooler



Dawno said...

are you grining? found this by clicking the BoingBoing technorati link! woot woot! we're 1337 now...

Art_Addiction said...

I just added your entry to my "what everyone is writing about" blog. Thanks for posting! And, you're right, Dawno has been GREAT about posting updates!!!

Pass The Torch said...

Thanks for linking to my Random Acts of Kindness post, MacAllister!

And thanks for keeping us all up-to-date, too.

Dawno said...

okiedoke. The list is up at my Newsletter and Shameless Fundrasing Web Page
(there's a link to the acutal writers list page there) the list page isn't pretty yet - but I'll get there :-)