Wednesday, May 24, 2006

AW Down but not Out

AbsoluteWrite's message boards are temporarily down, for those of you who might wander by here looking for information. We've been temporarily frozen out, through the combined effects of an apparently inept-but-abusive supposed literary agent, and a cowardly and amateurish web host overreaction.

Blustering agent Barbara Bauer, PhD (wooHOO)--proprietor of the Barbara Bauer Literary Agency and proud member of WriterBeware's 20 Worst Agents list--called up our webhost and they shut us out.

Thanks a lot, JC Hosting. Way to stand up for what's right. Don't look to word of mouth from us for a whole lot of positive future traffic, I'm afraid. Best of luck with Barbara's good wishes, though, since you've chosen sides like this.

It's a long and sordid story, and you can get the gist of it here.

We're working diligently to get everything back up, and at this point it looks like we've saved the databases, and should be back and badder than ever sometime tomorrow morning.

Thanks, everyone. Blog it, if you can. Then blog it some more. Be sure and use her name: Barbara Bauer, or even Barbara Bauer, PhD. Perhaps we can all compare nasty and abusive emails, later! Won't that be fun?

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TillyLost said...

For all the work you're all doing to get AW up and running again, THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Down but not out. Just so.

See you on the boardwalk --


Dawno said...

whoo hoo Mac! excellent post!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who'll get the first nasty cease and desist email?

I was reading on the Writer's Weekly forums where Barbara Bauer supposedly wrote a letter to Angela Hoy, owner over there, asking for ONE BILLION DOLLARS for the use of her name in a forum post. My, my.

Matt has the link up at Fireflies in the Cloud.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Mac! It's shameful loyalty is in such short supply these days.

And why can't people stand up for what they know to be right? Oh, nevermind, Mac, you already called that one--they're cowards.

Anonymous said...

And, Mac, thanks for all your efforts to get AW on its feet, again.

Chacounne said...





sigh :( Love and Hugs,

Mac said...

Y'all are the best. Thanks so much for your patience and support while we get back up and running.


Never underestimate the power of a committed and long-standing community. That's where AW's real strength lies.

Esther Avila said...

Never underestimate Mac and Jenna's power! :)

Thanks for filling us in, Mac. Excellent post.

I know we'll all be back soon!So, see you then, until then...there are blogs to visit. :)

Jill said...

Wow - okay - I'm caught up for the moment. How wretched. Will look into more and see how to craft a post. heheheheeeeeeeee

Andrea Allison said...

I can't believe what's going on. I was able to get through all the drama concerning another writing site and this happens.

Thanks for letting me know Mac and everything you all are doing to get things back up and running.

Liam Jackson said...

Mac, mah sistah, you're the best. Yes, AW will survive and arise stronger and more vibrant than ever.

Death to the Piglords!
(Figuratively speaking, of course *wink*)

Anonymous said...

Mac, thought I'd help out your loon grin. I posted about the donations in our temp greeting card forum; most of the writers don't venture far from home. Thanks for all you do.