Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Calling all Stragglers

If you're one of our AW peeps, and can't find us, we're hanging out temporarily at some of these places:

The AW Refugee Camp, kindly hosted by Roger Carlson our Tech mod.

The Making Light AW thread, kindly started by TNH.

Now you can get the tee shirt to commemorate this...ummm....occasion:

Dawno's "I survived the AW Shutdown" stuff at Cafe Press.

I'll update when I know anything about the restoration of the board.

I'm terribly interested in the fact that every IT person I know is a bit gobsmacked that our host just kept our data. No one's heard of that happening, apparently.

Heh. Our Jenna, she's a trendsetter.

Keep the faith, folks.


Dawno said...

Thanks for the advert Mac. I see you've put the button above the comments link :-)

Whoo Hoo us!

Unknown said...

I've always wondered where conspiracy theorists get their ammo...

Do those shirts come in black?


Dawno said...

working on the black version of a few of them, it's tricky and I'm running out of steam rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any rocket launchers yet, Dawno? W/ ammo, of course. I don't care what color they're in, btw. Laser guided would be good, though.

robeiae, can you program them, appropriately, for 2 different directions?

Anonymous said...

I've added a further thread, "The Absolute Write diaspora: caches and contributions," at:


It's meant to provide a single-link source of information on the refugee camp, the Google cache project, Jenna's Paypal contribution button, and Dawno's CafePress site.

If something needs to be corrected, or there's further information to add, post it in the comment thread there and I'll incorporate it at my earliest opportunity.

Cheers --


Neasa said...

Heya Mac - I'm not a writer, but I've been following y'alls' saga & getting increasingly PO'd about it, so I put the pretty little button up on my blog. Every little bit helps, I hope.

Yours in the Struggle,