Thursday, May 25, 2006

Street Smart Writers

Jenna's blog, in case you hadn't found it.

She says she isn't comfortable taking donations for the forums, yet, until she knows if she can "put Humpty Dumpty together again."
We can all buy more copies of The Street Smart Writer, though.

Jenna's page about the book is here.

Lisa Spangenberg, our own Digital Medievalist, points out in an email:

"Now, if we all link to the Amazon page for the book, using this url:

Then AbsoluteWrite gets a little bit of cash from Amazon, and we can
someone from the Barbara Bauers of the world.

Pass it on . . . "

Maybe someone would like to design us a nifty sidebar button to share around?


Anonymous said...

and which link would I put on my web page, Mac? The AW one, correct? Since it gets cash for AW?

Dawno said...

hmm. sidebar button. hmmm. I think I know someone who could do that...

Matt said...

I made a button (it's on my blog sidebar. I tried to post it here in comments but it won't let me). The one on my blog links to this post. We should figure out where exactly to link it to. Just linking it to Jenna's post won't get people the right idea, I don't think.

Mac said...

A button to purchase the book, I'm thinking, with this link:

Matt said...

I can do that.


Feel free to steal the button (and my bandwidth) if you don't think it sucks.

Mac said...

Matt, you're terrific! I don't think it sucks at all. I was thinking we can code a title tag with an abbreviated explanation that will pop up on mouse-over...suggestions?

Dawno said...

speaking of bandwidth - Matt, if this button gets widely used you'll be sharing a lot of it - you might want to think about a photo hosting account somewhere like Photobucket...

I have it up twice on my blog - once in the sidebar and then again on every post just before the comments section...that's a lot of image loads...I will move it to my own hosting account soon, but I wanted to get it up asap.

Lisa Spangenberg said...

Since we now know Jenna's Secret Absolute Write Amazon Code . . .

This link:

Will credit AW with any purchase made at Amazon -- people can bookmark it even ;)

So you know that toaster? Buy it now.

The nice thing about Amazon monies is that while royalties will have to wait until the end of the year, or whenever an agent sends the check out, Amazon pays quarterly, and so the monies will be available by July.