Friday, June 02, 2006


I am more than usually aware of the fragile nature of the web that connects us, one to another, here in the ether.


Jean Marie said...

Very to the point, Mac.

It continues to be unsettling not knowing where some are.

Art_Addiction said...

I couldn't agree more . . . the size of the 'net is infinately huge and incredibly small at the same time.


ColoradoGuy said...

I am struck with the ether’s representational fragility. People may or may not be what they seem; they reinvent themselves to be as they wish they really were. Several virtual persons may in fact be only representations of a single person; one ethereal person may really be many. It is foolish, even dangerous to trust who we meet and what we read there. It is so easy to be cruel. I really wish it were not that way.

Chris J.

Dawno said...

hmm. I've been experiencing somewhat of an opposite reaction. Lately I've had even stronger connections occuring with more people commenting more frequently on my blog, getting more emails, etc. I feel as if I have made somewhat of a breakthrough, where I'm not dependent upon one source of interaction with the community of writers I've gotten to know, but several.

I guess it's a factor of my relative newness, having only really been part of it all since just a little over a year ago.

Did I miss the point? I'd like to know more about what brought on your post. It's so melancholy, it made me sad. I shall go write a pome. Oh, wait, no I won't... ;)

AstonWest said...

I've actually been able to get a lot more work done...too bad it hasn't been on my novels.

Jen said...

I know what you mean, Mac. Yet, at the same time, I find what Dawno is saying to be true as well. A mix of both, I suppose, the fragility or strength depending on the mood of the moment and the connections made or missed with those around.

robeiae said...

I don't know...the web of the internet is such an artificial construct.

The real web that connects us--our shared humanity--is much more fragile, to me anyway.

Unique said...

I still love you, Mac. Even if some of our virtual webstrings are broken.



September said...

You are Absolutely Right!