Thursday, August 10, 2006

Multimedia message

Big sky sounds corny, but it's observably true.


Anonymous said...

And to think that my great-grandparents moved to that place from Sweden, which looks nothing like this. When she got senile in her nineties, I remember my grandmother describing what spring thaw was like when you lived in a sod hut, and how the wind always blew. Always. It never stopped. When I drive across the high Great Plains, though, I can clearly feel the majesty of seeing earth meet sky in a straight line that surrounds you on all sides. You need to stop the car and get out if you want to feel it and the perpetual wind. Yet the Big Sky also haunts me in a Stephen King sort of way, which is why I ran away to the mountains, I guess.

Nice picture, Mac. TIO is currently overrun with lunatics, so I thought that I would come over here.

Chris J.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Mac. We'll look at the album, later. Now, when the heck are you coming home? It's exactly like Chris said.

Move along little doggie :)

Anonymous said...

Nice photo, Mac. I would've appreciated more sky and just enough Earth for perspective.

But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Just rich.

Mac said...

Heh--I was using my camera-phone, so the photo quality is, well, sucko.


Sorry 'bout that.