Saturday, November 25, 2006

Scheduled Maintenance on Absolute Write

Just in case you stop in here, looking for news:

The AW Water Cooler will be closed Sunday, November 26th, from about 6 am (PST) until we can get the databases transferred to the new server, currently running in an undisclosed co-lo facility. This exciting transfer necessitates a few hours of down time for the site.

Cross your fingers for us, and we should be up and better-powered hopefully by Sunday afternoon--but I'm telling everyone Monday, just in case of unforeseen complications.



Anonymous said...

You know people will be sitting at their 'puters all day Sunday hitting the "refresh", I'm taking the daughter out shopping.

Mac said...

Well, that's certainly how I plan to spend the day.

We're planning to put a status update message on the page that will display when you click the link that would ordinarily take you to the Cooler.


I'm a bit worried about the people too upset to stop and read, though.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry.

We'll all just hang out in the Chat Room, complain about why we're not actually writing, maybe produce another Play... :-}

Anonymous said...

I'm finished shopping--Ha!

Mac, don't worry, Lori's emailed everyone...WHAT!!!AW's gonna be down?? Oh crap, I didn't know! I hate when Kola reads my mail first...

Anonymous said...

Dawno's right....even with the big, blaring announcement at the top of every page last night, I do believe there are going to be a lot of people wondering what in the blankety-blank is going on.

I wish you well, and I look forward to seeing the site up again.


Tracy said...

I've been an Absolute Write lurker for a while now, and finally registered officially. So that's how I found you. I'm just saying hi!

Mac said...

Hi, Tracy. Welcome, and I'm glad you went ahead and registered, too!