Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Links Roundup

No special reason. And no plans to make it a weekly thing, even.

Here's some of the stuff I looked at this week, in no particular order:

Homer and the Origin of the Greek Alphabet - essay

Questionable Content - web comic I'm completely addicted to for no reason I can explain or identify

Nietzsche, Plato and Aristotle on Mimesis - essay

The Captured German Records Collection - WWII German records

The Religious Movements Page - alphabetical listing with a brief history and summary of religious movements from Adidam to Zoroastrianism

Hailes Castle - Medieval Scottish ruin

Strange Horizons - SF ezine, I rather liked "We Will Not Go To Memphis, Then" which has a strong American poetry flavor, but handles subject matter reminiscent of King's The Stand

A Dictionary of Middle English Cooking Terms
- Just what it sounds like. With recipes!



Unknown said...

Hey Mac :D

If you like Questionable Content, you'll probably like (Chugworth Academy). It's another one of those stupid/funny/hilariously inappropriate web comics. I'm addicted to it.

So how've ya been lately?

Mac said...

Tsuki, thanks! I'm just discovering web comics, so I much appreciate the link.

Now, of course, I shall spend the entire night reading the archives from the beginning...

How are you, kiddo?

Dawno said...

I really have to stop reading QC...well, maybe later. I was pleased to see they did a Roomba comic.

poetinahat said...

Jeez, I'm square. But I love this list! Mac, you inspire me to be more, oh, geodesic.

Anonymous said...

Any Wagner in those Deutsch disks?