Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another intermission

Coyote Wild is pleased to announce our new issue:

Autumn 2007 Volume One Issue Four


You don't have to be a swashbuckler to be a hero.

"For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause . . ."

Just be glad the King doesn't invade your own favorite fairy tale . . .

Don't be askin' questions 'less you really, really want the answers.
Sometimes the jouney home takes such a very long time . . .
This rollicking twisted short takes a poke at the standard genre cliches.

What price, knowledge -- and how do you unlearn what you wish you didn't know?

Elegant. Evocative. Enduring.
When the very air is slow poison, where do you go for respite?
A picture can haunt you for years.
Another kind of journey, altogether.


A Chainsaw-Wielding Yankee in King Arthur's Demonic Court - Richard Scott Nokes

A concise and excellent examination about what we're still learning about ourselves through those once and future stories that echo of Camelot.


You'll hear the gentle ching of harness bells, the muffled thud of hoofbeats and the shouts of Traveler children, long after the last line.

Simple. Timeless. Unblemished.

Fun, educational . . . and more than a little creepy.


I'm really, really delighted with the quality of the pieces, and couldn't be more pleased with the resulting Fall issue.

Hope you like it, too.


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