Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Coyote Wild!


You know - I'm not convinced history didn't happen just this way -- The Ladies is a subtle story, marked with Bear's deft word-smithing and wry sense of humor.
It's always tricky to describe any Sherwood Smith tale - "Luminous" is always the first word that comes to my mind, and this story absolutely glows. First published in Realms of Fantasy, in 1998, slightly edited.
A romping homage to some of SF's classics, with a flavor all her own.
A tale for a long winter's night by the fire. This is one of those breathtaking and lovely stories that fairly demands to be read aloud to a rapt audience.
A strong, sure, fast-moving story of the end of everything -- and the beginning.
A nautical tale about skirting the shoals of the far future.
Twisted good fun.


This may be my favorite issue so far. These are some really terrific stories, and I'm awfully happy to announce that the 'zine will go monthly, as of Volume 2.1 - scheduled to go live January 15th, 2008.

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