Thursday, February 07, 2008

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Anonymous said...

I read your comments in the Absolute Writes newsletter today. You are so right on about Hillary.I have been having this conversation with many, many people who are Obama supporters. And I listened to it in my Colorado caucus on Tuesday night. They're all fired up about "hope" and "change" and don't want to talk about issues and positions. Read today's column in the NYT by David Brooks. It's another great analysis of the problem. And he's a GOP!

Thanks for all the other Hillary reading. I sent the Robin Morgan essay to a bunch of my girlfriends. One particular Obama supporter said it was "incendiary," and dismissed it.

I'm 58 years old and I still believe in hope and change, too, but like a lot of other middle-aged mommies, I know that if it's going to come it's because we do it for ourselves with a lot of hard work and compromise. . .not just because someone preached that they were good ideas.


Anonymous said...

I was forwarded a copy of your newsletter, at least in my case, you are completely wrong. Your assertion that Obama supporters are "vague" is belittling. As a three time Emmy award winning former network news investigative producer, I think my analytical skills stack up favorably to anyone else's. You are entitled to your opinion, but there is no need to belittle mine and others. Here are a few links if you would like to understand, in detail, why I (a former Repbulican and now independent) ardently support Obama:
Yale Endorses Barack Obama

Andrew Lessig endorses Barack Obama

Fellow Blogger Jack Turner Lays it out

Also, all of Obama's positions most importantly, to me, government transparency, are laid out on his website. We can disagree without diminishing each other.

Anonymous said...

The links were cut off in the previous comment.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Carmen, I reread Mac's newsletter, again, and nowhere did she call Obama's supporters vague. Must have been one of the writers she linked to. Therefore, your accusation of Mac's belittling others, is incorrect. However, since I know her, I already knew that that's not a part of her character. 'Sides, Mac allows others to make up their own mind, regardless of her passion for said subject matter. She'd hardly foist her ideals/values on either you or I.

We are, after all, individuals, are we not. That's what makes us such a great nation.

That being said, vote w/ your intellect, mind and heart. That's my plan.

Mac said...

I was just re-reading myself for that very reason.

I think Senator Obama has a lot of very good ideas, and very good things to say. His voting record and HRC's voting record match something like 97% of the time, in fact.

I think she's the better person for the job primarily because she's got a great deal more experience, and I strongly prefer her plan for health care/insurance reform.