Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Requiescat In Pace

Mary Travers has died.

My mom had all their records, stuck in the very back of the big console record player, with her previous name written with indelible marker, using careful and pretty cursive, on the album covers.

I asked about those albums, once. The resulting conversation was one of those odd and slightly disconcerting experiences that result when children discover that a parent was complete human being, with stories of her own, before having children.

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Penny Manning said...

Isn't "If I Had A Hammer" one of their songs? I remember being in a summer program for 1st graders and we used to sing that song. Funny what I can remember 40 years later. Right along with the peanut butter and saltines and grapefruit juice the school served for a snack. Yech.

Bless her spirit....

Penny Manniing as Sweet Little Angel.