Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Gallimaufry, to Start Myself Posting Here Again

Over on Marguerite Says, we're talking about games we played as kids in the comments thread, here. It's awfully funny, and a miracle most of us lived to grow up. You should come play too. Especially if you invented hair-raising and death defying games with your siblings.

Completely unrelated, except via the tenuous link of nostalgia, you know how sometimes an ad just...misses? This old bicycle ad elicits a baffled wtf, from me. Anyone else? Buehler?

I have NO idea what's going on there. Was she trying to make the bear-lion thing ride the bicycle? Is she going to escape the bear-lion thing, on the handy Monarch bicycle? This is not a narrative I'm understanding.

Finally, I'm also blogging cooking, living and eating well, and creating home on a budget, all with my Mom and with Lisa, who you can also find at Something Pacific Northwest. You'll find all of us at http://thecreatinghome.com or http://creating-home.blogspot.com/